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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I am interested in Spanish language lately. and I wanted to post some basic words that I just learned recently.

good morning          buenos días
good afternoon        buenas tardes
good night               buenas noches
hello                        ¡Hola
no                            no
thank you                gracias
how are you?          ¿cómo estás?
your welcome         su bienvenida
good bye                 adiós
right                        derecho
what's your name?  ¿Cuál es tu nombre?

one                        uno
two                        dos
three                      tres
four                       cuatro
Five                       cinco
Six                         seis
Seven                    siete
Eight                     ocho
Nain                      nueve
Ten                       diez

sunday                  domingo
Monday                lunes
Tuesday                martes
Wednesday           miércoles
Thursday               jueves
Friday                   viernes
Saturday               sábado

Please Corect Me if im wrong,,,,i just begginer to learn spanish language:)

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