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Friday, April 1, 2011

For you who likes to chat on mig33

The last few months I'm crazy with the mig33 chat application, it is nice to spend time there. I can meet many friends. My post is intended to beginners in the world mig33. For you who likes to chat on mig33, some of them have the latest "chat emots/command" from mig33


**Use "/cupid [action] [username]", actions are: pinch, trick, taste, push, nudge, wrestle, impress, shove, check out, pull, grab, roll, wink, shake, kiss, karate chop, hold, torture**

/lovematch [username] [username]
Find out if your friends are compatible with one another!

Meet that special someone by finding your perfect match in Chatrooms!

/flames [username] [username]
Have fun matching people up! See what sort of relationships people are in! Is it Friendship? Is it Love? This is just too much fun!

Know your luck for the day! Find out how lucky you are for Love, Money, Health and Success!


thanks to mig33 and someone

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