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Sunday, April 17, 2011

My natural "Indonesia"

         The real beauty is natural beauty. I feel the beauty of it during my vacation in the village, where the grandmother, grandfather and some family lived. Not only the natural beauty of its course that made ​​me feel amazed but the air is cool, comfortable and supported by people who are very friendly.
Cianjur - West Java
Almost all the people there to manage the farms and plantations.

Almost all the people there to manage the farms and plantations.
a cow that was looking for food. wow I hope he does not see me,,,,! and it seems I have to get out ... before he saw me with a hungry eye...!!
the forest,,,, maybe there still exist tarzan! hehehe

This is very green and fresh yummmiii ... oooppss seems it's not food ...

how beautiful the clouds over there,,,, makes me want to fly and fell asleep on the cloud,,, is it possible?

filled with green,,, and I really really liked that color.

wow what's wrong with your tail? what you look shorter tail .... hahah okay do not be sad!
Kawah Putih - Bandung
          White crater located in the southern city of Bandung, located 46 km or 2.5 hours fromthe city of Bandung to the gate to go down to the location kawah. From Crater door located about 5 km away or cans be taken about 20 minutes. Through asphalt road winding with views of natural forest with a variety of plant species. White crater is located on a mountain called Mount Patuha.

          The area to 25 hectares are in Ds.Alamendah, Kec. Pasir Jambu, Kab. Bandung. Located at an altitude of 2434 m above sea level, temperatures 8-22 degrees C. There is water in the crater lake of greenish white, limestone cliffs, villa accommodation, rest house, shop tours, hiking, photos pre weeding, touring, ATV area has natural scenery natural forests and volcanic craters and can be done cross country and mountain climbing, with overgrown weeds, saliara, kingkilaban, kirinyuh, flower, eucalyptus, pine and Rasamala .. Animals that can be found, among others, Python, Owl, surili, Tiger and Wolf
in the morning this place will be filled with fog and cold air, and we are quite limited visibility! "in the White Crater - Bandung.

sorry if the picture quality is not good because I only use the camera phone to capture the photo. I hope I can continue this post another time and hopefully you guys like it. Thank you.

Situ Patenggang-Bandung 

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